Polycarbonate is a polymer with a unique blend of desirable properties. Marklon Polyglass® Polycarbonate Solid Sheets are manufactured by the process of co-extrusion. It is a high performance plastic sheets which are the ideal choice for vertical, overhead and sloped glazing whenever durability and safety are as important aesthetics.
Its superior characteristics make polycarbonate solid sheet an outstanding engineering plastic. It is the perfect choice for applications requiring material which offers high light transmission, thermal insulation, light weight yet strong, high shock resistance, great economy, vandal resistance and design flexibility.

Featured with a protective layer of high-density UV reflector in polycarbonate solid sheet, it forms an exceptional resistance to the detrimental effects of UV light, minimizing long term yellowing and hazing.

Marklon Polyglass® Polycarbonate Solid Sheets are available in a wide variety of standard colours, pattern and dimensions. As a manufacturer, we are able to supply a tailor or custom finishing upon request. Marklon Polyglass Polycarbonate Solid Sheet provides a 10 years limited warranty in respect of extreme colour deterioration and sheet cracked under normal weather conditions.

Product Features

Marklon Polyglass® Polycarbonate Solid Sheet offers a unique combination of exceptional properties.
  • High impact strength makes its virtually unbreakable and resistant to fracture.
  • Good electrical insulation properties.
  • UV light resistant to avoids extreme colour deterioration.
  • High degree of transparency and light transmission.
  • Low flammability (fire resistant).
  • Light weight & design flexibility.
  • High heat resistance, making it ideal for outdoor application.

Scope Of Applications

  • Skylight
  • Roofing System
  • Balcony Screen
  • Sound Insulation Panel
  • Green House
  • Showroom
  • Signboard and Billboard
  • Car porch
  • Bus / Taxi Stand
  • Walkway & Overhead Bridge

PC Solid Sheet

Superior quality resin from German & Japan

Color & Pattern

Plane Series - Color

  • MK91 Brown
  • MK92 Blue
  • MK93 Green
  • MK95 Clear
  • MK98 White

Line Series - Color

  • MK11 Brown
  • MK12 Blue
  • MK13 Green
  • MK15 Clear

Glass Series - Color

  • MK71 Brown
  • MK73 Green

Diamond Series - Color

  • MK81 Brown
  • MK82 Blue
  • MK83 Green
  • MK85SS Clear Silver Sunstop
  • MK87SS Grey Silver Sunstop

NU Series - Color

  • MK51 Brown
  • MK52 Blue
  • MK53 Green
  • MK55 Clear
  • MK56 Greenish Blue
  • MK57 Grey
  • MK5RD Red
  • MK5YW Yellow

Thickness (MM)

1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 10.0

Lenght (MM)

Up to 30500 (100') or cut to size

Width (MM)


  • Non-standard product (width, length, thickness, colour) are available subject to a minimum order quantity
  • Thickness tolerance : subject to thickness tolerance
  • Colour only for reference, order based on sealed sample

Product Characteristics


Item Test Method Unit Result
Hardness ISO 868 Shore D 78
ISO 178
Tensile Properties
Tensile Strength
Elongation at Break
Tensile Modulus
ISO 527-2
Density ISO 1183-1 Kg / M³ 1200
Water Absorption ISO 62 % 0.08
Heat Deflection Temperature ISO 75-2 ºC 135
Test Report 2014PC0204

Sound Insulation (6mm)

Test Method
ISO 140-3:1995
Test Report

Atmospheric Environmental Exposure (3mm)

Atmospheric test report
Test Method
ASTM G 7-89
Type of Exposure : Direct Weathering
Duration of Exposure : Deterioration basis
No physical change such as colour change or blistering occurred after 8 years and 10 months of exposure.
Test Report

Impact Resistance (3mm)

Impact Resistance
Izod Impact (Notched)
Test Method
ASTM D 256 : 92
Pendulum : 7.5 Joule
911 ± 13.8
Test Report

Impact Resistance (6mm)

Impact Resistance
Izod Impact (Notched)
Test Method
ASTM D 256
Pendulum : 2 Joule
97 ± 3
Test Report

Impact Resistance (8mm)

Impact Resistance
Izod Impact (Notched)
Test Method
ASTM D 256
Pendulum : 2 Joule
116 ± 7
Test Report
  • The above data fall within the normal range of product specification. The test result obtained with respect to these products are for reference only.

SIRIM Test Report


Warranty Letter


Installation & Storage Method


Make sure the support structure is clean and dry. Do not directly screw the sheet, only use aluminium clapping for joining. Must leave a gal of at least 5mm in between sheets for thermal expansion and contraction. A minimum slope of 5º roof pitch is recommended to allow adequate rain water run-off.

Use only new or sharp ground steel or carbide tipped drills. All holes must be drilled at least 40mm from the edge of the sheet. All holes must be at least 4mm bigger than screw for thermal expansion and contraction.

Marklon Polyglass® Polycarbonate Solid Sheet can be cold-form by : -

* a/b >= 2 * Ø < 90˚ * R >= 180t

Recommended Installation Method


Marklon Polyglass® Polycarbonate Solid Sheet’s is produced with a protective PE film on one or both sides which should be kept on until the panel is fastened. The UV protected side is to be faced towards the sun and is marked with printed film

(Marklon Polyglass®)

To install, 50mm of protective film should be peeled off from the edges of the sheet to allow clean sheet insertion into the glazing system.

The residual film should be removed immediately after the glazing is completed.


Important Guidelines


For maintenance and storage guidelines


Storage Method

Sheets should be kept indoor, protected from sunlight and rain fall by an appropriate opaque waterproof roof cover.

Cleaning Method

Use only neutral detergent or mild soap for cleaning. Wash by using soft cloth op sponge. Rinse off with lukewarm water (below 60˚C)

Use only neutral silicone for polycarbonate.

Cutting Method

Use circular saw blade for cutting Marklon Polyglass® Polycarbonate Solid